Rise of the Widdle Kingston

Feng Shui Feng shui, which translates as “wind-water,” is the ancient Chinese art of geomancy. According to this view, the earth is made of veins and bones that transmit chi (life breath). Wind scatters chi, and water collects chi, and it is the geomancer’s job to divine and survey locations that are auspicious sites for […]

Emperor Design

  Description China is the longest-lived civilization in the world, surviving and adapting through over 4,000 years of order and disorder, with no sign of ending. One in five people live in China today, making it the most populous nation on earth. But China has always contained a large share of the world’s population throughout […]

Learn More about Pirate Kings Game

Pirate Kings is one of those game sequences that constantly evolve without changing fundamentally the formula that made them successful. In more than 15 year history of the franchise, however, the changes were generally of the type “more of the same.” This can easily be explained by the cold nature of policy of Pirate Kings […]

Female ‘PMS’ Clan Interview

We chat with the largest female gamer clan in the world about boys, gaming, and the future for female gamers. Amber Dalton, a.k.a Athena Twin, answers our questions. Are you constantly getting chatted up by male gamers while playing? If so, what is your feeling towards the constant barrage of clumsy pick up attempts? As […]